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Bar Hopping At Biker BarsFlorida is known for the best biker “friendly” bars for bar hopping on the weekend or anytime the mood strikes you. The locals have their favorites but for the more adventurous, finding new friendly biker bars is an opportunity to make new friends and meet other riding partners.

Biker Bar Magazine is a great place to find featured articles and reviews on the best biker friendly bars throughout Florida. Inside the pages of our monthly online magazine you’ll also find interesting features on rides & bikers that live that lifestyle.

Even though the biker community represents a diverse mix of social and economic backgrounds everyone is accepted on an equal basis. It doesn’t matter what you ride, who you are or what your occupation is. The common denominator that brings everyone together is the fact that you love to ride and feel the wind in your face.




Socializing At Biker BarIf a bar has the moniker for being biker friendly it really doesn’t matter if you ride or not. Just take it to mean that you can go in there, be accepted and have a great time. Bikers know how to party and believe me when I say, “they add new meaning to the word party”. When bikers get together you’re likely to see and experience anything.

Although bar hopping is a colloquialism for making a few stops to grab a cold one, it also brings in the aspect of socializing with kindred friends. And in the context of this magazine I mean other motorcyclists.

What makes it even more fun is the growing popularity of geolocation games like Foursquare ( and Scvngr (

Get a group of friends together that participate in geolocation activities and you can take bar hopping to a whole new experience. In the pages of this publication we hope to bring the “whole experience” to you in a worthwhile manner.

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